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Introducing... The Bubble!

The Bubble Launceston is an independent and private specialised GP clinic providing sexual and reproductive women's health care for Launceston. Conveniently located on Brisbane Street, The Bubble commenced women’s health consults in April 2021.

In 2018, just over half of Australia’s population—51% or 12.6 million people—were female. On average, Australian females experience different health outcomes than Australian males. Compared with males, females have a higher life expectancy and experienced more of their total disease burden due to living with disease rather than from dying early from disease and injury. They are more likely than males to experience sexual violence and to have multiple chronic conditions.

The Bubble is staffed by women’s health GPs, an accredited mental health social worker, a psychologist, and a women's pelvic floor physio, who all have a strong interest and passion in women’s health care, providing a safe, holistic, inclusive and nurturing service for patients.

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