Information for Health Professionals

The Bubble Launceston was developed by Dr Natasha Vavrek who is a Launceston local and has been a local GP in the area for a decade now. She has developing a strong interest and passion in women’s health, especially supporting women through their reproductive journey. Her vision was for a clinic that would encompass all women’s sexual and reproductive health needs with a strong focus on pregnancy and management of the newborn, working collaboratively with the patients own GP and local support services.

This clinic is a first of its kind in Tasmania as it offers science-based approaches to the common early life problems of breastfeeding, infant-care, and parental mood issues through the philosophy of Neuroprotective Development Care (NDC) or also known as the Possums Program. There are only two accredited practitioners in Tasmania currently and they are both Dr Natasha Vavrek and Dr Georgia Bavin (who is also joining the clinic).

We are happy to provide further information to doctors in the community and are happy to organise site visits to provide more information. For doctors with special interests in women’s health or they themselves are training to become an accredited NDC practitioner, we are more than happy to negotiate sessions for you at the clinic to gain more experience or to simply join our experienced group of doctors. We are always on the hunt for enthusiastic, passionate GPs to join our team. We are also interested to hear from physiotherapists, psychologists, social workers and any other allied health professional that may be interested in sessional work within The Bubble.

Referrals are greatly appreciated however is not necessary. If referrals are received, we will provide correspondence on any investigation, management or diagnosis. We hope to work collaboratively with other health professionals in our small community.

MTOP referrals are given priority in the interest of assessing the patient promptly so it is important we know, either through the health professional or patient, as to why they are attending our clinic. We are happy to arrange ultrasound and blood referrals from our end.