Amy Farrell

Registered Psychologist

Amy is passionate about providing a safe and non-judgemental space for those struggling with their sexuality or reproductive health. Amy provides counselling around:

  • healthy relationships and communication,
  • sexuality,
  • identity and
  • sexual health.

This might include:

  • low libido,
  • sexual pain,
  • STI diagnosis,
  • arousal difficulties,
  • diverse sexual relationship experiences or
  • simply wanting to enhance intimacy.

Amy is currently offering brief interventions of 3-6 sessions, over the space of a few months, for the above problems only. This type of therapy is not suitable for those with moderate to severe co morbid mental health issues. Space will be available for these patients in 2023.

In order to receive a Medicare rebate you will need to be referred with a Mental Health Care Plan (MHCP) which identifies a mental health concern such as anxiety or adjustment disorder which is co-morbid to your sexual health / relationship issue.

You may wish to to receive counselling without a MHCP which is absolutely fine, you may claim back on your private health or just wish to be full-fee paying.

Amy requires a referral for ALL of her clients, whether they choose to go through a MHCP or paying privately.

Sessions commencing as early as 11th March until mid June. Amy will then recommence sessions in early 2023. Psychologists with availability within the month is pretty rare. Psychologists with Amy’s expertise is even rarer.