Fiona McHenry

APD – Accredited Practising Dietitian, BHSc, MNDP

Fiona studied a Bachelor of Health Science through the University of Tasmania, and completed Master of Nutrition and Dietetic Practice through Bond University Queensland. Fiona has been located in Sydney where she has been practising at Bites Health Clinic, but has recently relocated back to her hometown in Tasmania.

Fiona is a genuine and caring person who loves to make others feel welcomed and comfortable in her presence. Fiona embarked on the journey of Dietetics because she wanted to understand how food can be used to support, compliment and improve the lives of others. Fiona recognises that many factors influence people’s food intake and eating behaviours such as affordability, availability, access, social influences and emotional wellbeing. She would like to help others improve their relationship with food and personalise any services to suit each individual’s needs.

Fiona gained valuable cultural experience through her work in the Solomon Islands and Hong Kong working with the local community and school students. Fiona’s professional knowledge and skills have been strengthened through her work and experience at Robina and Redlands Hospitals working with those on kidney dialysis, with cerebral palsy, malnutrition, diabetes and paediatrics to name a few. Fiona also has experience at the Mater Brisbane Hospital working on a project to help implement a new framework for texture modified foods and thickened fluids for those with dysphagia to increase patient safety. Additionally, she worked on multiple research projects in hospitals to help improve the dietary management for those with diverticulitis. Two of these studies were accepted and presented at the ESPEN conference 2019.

In her spare time Fiona enjoys spending time with her young son, walking her dog at the beach or park, experimenting with recipes and enjoying a good coffee with friends.