COVID-19 Policy

With COVID-19 spreading throughout the community, The Bubble will be implementing measures to ensure we keep COVID-19 out of the Practice so we can continue to deliver medical care to all patients, as well as keeping the Practice, staff and patients safe.

Terms of appointments at The Bubble:

  • We ask that all patients wait in their car until the doctor is ready to limit numbers in the waiting room (babies are an exception). Please call from the car on arrival to let us know you are here for your appointment.
  • Surgical masks MUST be worn upon entering and during consults. We have these available upon entry - free of charge. Unfortunately, mask exemptions will not apply due to vulnerable patients and babies.
  • Confirmation of no respiratory/COVID-19 symptoms.
  • A maximum of ONE support person/carer/parent is allowed to attend the appointment – kids are welcome but we recommend you limit bringing them where you can.

If you are unvaccinated we are happy to see you in the clinic. We kindly ask that you remain in your car upon arrival until the doctor is ready.

If you have contracted COVID-19 within the week prior to your appointment we will require: confirmation of release from quarantine letter and no respiratory/COVID-19 symptoms.

If a patient is unable to meet the above conditions, The Bubble will still provide medical care and a video consult will be offered.

We understand this is going to present some challenges, and we appreciate your co-operation to ensure we can continue to deliver medical services in a safe environment. At The Bubble Launceston, the safety of patients and staff is the highest priority.