Post-Natal Care

There should be a postnatal check at an appropriate time, usually six weeks post-partum, to determine the well-being of both mother and baby and to carry out a postnatal review (i.e. assessment of wounds from tears/ episiotomies or caesarean section scars, cervical screening test if appropriate, contraceptive advice, immunisation boosters, etc). This is usually conducted by a GP.

Six-week baby checks and immunisations are also recommended for newborns. Our GPs are happy to provide six-week baby checks however we do not currently provide immunisations for infants at The Bubble. We currently have an arrangement with Windmill Hill Medical on High St and can easily arrange for your baby to receive their immunisations there.

Alternatively, immunisations can be booked through your own regular GP clinic.

Postnatal care education, including information on the recognition of postnatal depression and management within the local community, should be available to both mothers and their carers. At The Bubble, maternal mental health is a priority. A referral may be made to our accredited mental health social worker who specialises in perinatal mental health.