Pregnancy Care (antenatal GP shared care)

Antenatal GP shared care is a model in which your antenatal shared care is between your GP and the local public hospital. It’s about seeing women before, during and after pregnancy. Establishing this relationship matters not only for the pregnancy but for early parenting and beyond.

Initially your GP will see you at monthly intervals, increasing to fortnightly, then weekly as your pregnancy progresses in late third trimester. If any acute issues present between scheduled visits then our GPs are happy to prioritise your care and arrange an appointment promptly. Appointments will cover everything from checking progression of pregnancy to education and dealing with concerns.

GP shared care is suitable for women who have a low-risk pregnancy and who may want management of their pregnancy by a doctor but are unable to access private obstetric care through a private health fund. Shared care will cost more than having your pregnancy care through a public hospital. You might decide that the higher cost is worth the convenience and familiarity with your doctor. Shared care is likely to cost less than seeing a private obstetrician throughout your pregnancy however.

Shared maternity care aims to provide a community-based, holistic, safe and culturally appropriate model of care for women. Women often choose this model of care as it provides continuity of care, the GP may already know their family and for many women, it is convenient.

Our role at The Bubble is to see you for initial confirmation of the pregnancy, arrange blood tests, scans and referrals. Ideally you will have been seen prior to pregnancy for pre conception care.

You will see your GP at The Bubble for most pregnancy appointments, and you will also have appointments at the hospital in early and later pregnancy.